Survey and Mapping

Before any design work can begin, a boundary and topographic survey are required. We work with a licensed surveyor to perform these services and generate a worksheet for design purposes. We also can perform an inventory of existing structures using GPS equipment and convert the GPS data into a GIS map.

We coordinate with the environmental specialist during the design phase to locate wetland flags, mark specimen trees, and stake out boring locations. These critical tasks will help civil engineers determine the environmental constraints and buildable area.

Following Types We Offer:

We work with licensed surveyors to research deed records, plat information, and title reports (provided by the client) to determine boundary information. Field crews locate property corners in the field to verify property boundaries, easements, and right-of-ways

We perform a topographic survey to locate visible features within the area of interest. Additionally, we pick up elevation information throughout the site to generate two-foot contours. Field information is processed using Civil3D and blended with GIS information to generate an existing condition worksheet.

During construction, we can send out field crews to perform as-builts and verify the project was constructed according to the approved plans. The engineer provides a redline drawing showing the plan changes and a certified record drawing.