Types of Services

DMV Civil, LLC is a multi-discipline firm capable of providing the necessary design services to complete your project. We can also provide project management services to oversee your design project and work with client sub-consultants.

Before starting any project, we recommend consulting with us to determine if a site/civil permit will be required. Modifications to an existing site may be categorized as a redevelopment project requiring additional permits.

Civil Engineering:

We prepare roadway plans from the public right-of-way to your proposed development. Roadway extensions are designed to meet the county or state design specifications. We can also provide entrance plans connecting your site to an existing public roadway.

We offer utility design for both water and sewer systems. These systems can be designed for public or private sector projects. Additionally, we provide pump station designs for single-family homes. These systems are required when the service connections cannot connect to the existing sewer main via gravity.

Grading and drainage designs are involved in every project. The purpose is to create positive drainage and safely convey stormwater runoff into stormwater management facilities. We can also provide earthwork analysis to determine the amount of cut or fill required for developments.

During construction, we provide erosion and sediment control designs to minimize the amount of sediment-laden water leaving the site. Devices such as sediment control entrances, traps, silt fences, and sump pumps are implemented. We can also provide inspection services to evaluate the conditions and verify the systems are functioning according to the plan.

Design Build

Design-build allows the owner to work with a single prime contractor/consultant instead of managing separate contracts. The contractor and designer work together from the concept stage to construction to meet the owner’s vision and budget. This reduces the number of requests for information and saves time and money during construction.

As a certified small business enterprise (SBE/MBE) in Maryland and Virginia, we can help meet MBE requirements as required by the Request for Proposals (RFP). Below are the services we are approved to perform:

  • NAICS 541330 – Engineering Services
  • NAICS 541340 – Drafting Services
  • NAICS 541620 – Environmental Consulting Services
  • NAICS 541690 – Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services

  • Survey and Mapping

    We work with licensed surveyors to research deed records, plat information, and title reports (provided by the client) to determine boundary information. Field crews locate property corners in the field to verify property boundaries, easements, and right-of-ways

    We perform a topographic survey to locate visible features within the area of interest. Additionally, we pick up elevation information throughout the site to generate two-foot contours. Field information is processed using Civil3D and blended with GIS information to generate an existing condition worksheet.

    During construction, we can send out field crews to perform as-builts and verify the project was constructed according to the approved plans. The engineer provides a redline drawing showing the plan changes and a certified record drawing.

    Site Planning

    A feasibility study occurs during the due diligence period to assess the practicality of a project. We prepare a concept plan based on the zoning ordinance and GIS information and conduct a preliminary review with the zoning department. This gives our clients more confidence that the property will meet their goals for development.

    We prepare a site plan to determine parking, lot coverage, setbacks, and stormwater management requirements. Based on the findings, we will establish the building footprint and coordinate with the architect.

    We review the zoning and subdivision ordinance to prepare a lot layout for a proposed subdivision. This includes roadway and utility alignments and the location of stormwater management. We work with our environmental consultant to determine the site constraints and avoid impacting any wetland and wetland buffers.

    Landscape architecture

    We provide environmental planning by working with qualified professionals to determine forest stands, identify specimen trees, and delineate wetlands. Fieldwork is collected by the field crews, and data is imported into CAD software to be analyzed by the design engineer.

    We prepare landscaping plans for the transitional buffer, reforestation, stormwater facilities, and commercial developments. We also work with property owners to provide amenities such as tot lots, picnic areas, and dog parks for their development.

    We can develop a Critical Area Conservation Plan for sites within the Critical area buffer. These sites must minimize the amount of impervious and reduce the pollutant loads by at least 10% based on predevelopment conditions. This can be accomplished by providing buffer and stormwater management to offset the impacts of the proposed development.

    Water Resources

    We can provide stormwater and storm drain design for all land development projects. We work on micro-facilities, regional ponds, and structural facilities to meet water quality and quantity requirements for projects in Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia.

    Some sites are regulated by a local or federal floodplain. We can provide a floodplain analysis to verify that the proposed development does not adversely affect downstream properties. If the development increases the floodplain, we can provide a compensation plan to offset the impacts by the proposed development.

    Every stormwater structure, facility, or drainage system has to be analyzed to demonstrate the capacity to handle the design storm. We use TR-55 and the rational method to analyze the hydrology of each structure. Flows are typically routed using TR-20 or HEC-RAS to determine the hydraulic impacts on each system. We can provide a report with computations, maps, and exhibits to communicate our findings.