About Our Corporation

We are striving to build a better future through sustainable design.    

DMV Civil, LLC was established in October 2018 in Prince George's County, Maryland. Our goal was to use the latest technologies to build sustainable development. We developed relationships with design professionals, clients, and contractors to provide a comprehensive design. We work with clients to present solutions that reduce maintenance costs and reduce the negative impacts of developments.

In 2019 we became a certified minority/small business enterprise. This allowed us to collaborate with larger firms to work on federal, state, and county projects. We continue to develop a group of young and diverse individuals to expose them to various aspects of civil engineering. .

In 2021 we opened an office in Alexandria, VA, to serve our Northern Virginia and DC clients. Our team is committed to the area and will search for opportunities to work with an organization to improve our communities.

Why Choose Us


Our engineers have a combined 18 years of experience providing infrastructure design for land development projects.

Licensed Professional

Our licensed professionals can provide design services in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia. We are also a certified MBE in Maryland and Virginia.


We use the latest CAD and design software to provide efficient designs. We use GPS and Surveying instruments to verify existing conditions in the field.


We work with our clients to provide designs that offset impacts from development to help maintain an ecological balance.       


Our engineers work hard to uphold the profession's honor, integrity, and dignity. We will communicate in a timely manner to clients any risks and limitations related to our work.


We have developed company standards to provide consistent quality designs and performance.

Great Management

Our project managers are responsive and knowledgeable about the design and permitting process. Freeing up our clients to focus on other aspects of their projects.


Unique projects require unique solutions. Our engineers can work with sub-consultants and proprietary products to develop an innovative design to help achieve our client's development goals.

What Our Client Say's