Site Planning

Site Planning is the process of assessing a site for development. We review the zoning and subdivision regulations to prepare commercial and residential site plans. The plan considers environmentally sensitive features, stormwater management, and the availability of utilities.

This is important for determining the size of the building, the number of lots, and the infrastructure requirements to develop a site. We work with various consultants to locate stormwater management features, drainage structures, and structural features.

Following Types We Offer:

A feasibility study occurs during the due diligence period to assess the practicality of a project. We prepare a concept plan based on the zoning ordinance and GIS information and conduct a preliminary review with the zoning department. This gives our clients more confidence that the property will meet their goals for development.

We prepare a site plan to determine parking, lot coverage, setbacks, and stormwater management requirements. Based on the findings, we will establish the building footprint and coordinate with the architect.

We review the zoning and subdivision ordinance to prepare a lot layout for a proposed subdivision. This includes roadway and utility alignments and the location of stormwater management. We work with our environmental consultant to determine the site constraints and avoid impacting any wetland and wetland buffers.